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Local Business Dr Theo  Blote in Browns Plains QLD

Dr Theo Blote

Beaudesert Rd Chiropractic
Browns Plains, Queensland 4118
(07) 3040 4360

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Company Name Beaudesert Rd Chiropractic
Company Logo Beaudesert Rd Chiropractic Company Logo by Dr Theo  Blote in Browns Plains QLD
Browns Plains, QLD 4118
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About Beaudesert Rd Chiropractic

Chiropractor Browns Plains

Chronic pain, an unexpected injury or accident can all lead to discomfort in and around your spine. Chiropractic treatment has been practiced for thousands of years as a natural and effective way to relieve these types of pain and restore ideal function to the joints of the spine. Based on the premise that misalignment of the spinal joints leads to pain and dysfunction, chiropractic care is available to anyone seeking pain and stress reduction and a return to optimal movement.
About Chiropractic Treatments
Chiropractic treatments return the spine to proper alignment. When the spine is properly aligned, the body's muscles, tendons and ligaments can work to their full potential. During your first visit to Dr. Theo Blote, your spine will be assessed and the doctor will create a plan for your care. Your treatment plan may call for adjustments on a regular basis, and you may be instructed about exercises or stretches you can do at home to keep your spine in proper alignment. Chiropractic care plays an integral part in keeping your entire body healthy and strong, and many patients gain additional benefits from the reduced stress level that results from this natural form of care.
Services Offered By Our Chiropractor in Browns Plains
Dr. Theo Blote, your chiropractor in Browns Plains, offers a complete compliment of chiropractic services to improve your total health. The doctor offers manual and assisted spinal adjustments to restore normal spinal function. Patients may also be prescribed a device to correct postural problems during sleeping and waking hours.
About the Browns Plains Area
When visiting your chiropractor in Browns Plains, you may wish to stretch your body and relax your mind by spending some quality time in the area. As a thriving suburb of Brisbane and Logan City and a neighboring suburb to Hillcrest, Forestdale, Regents Park and Heritage Park, the area serves as a transportation hub. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy plenty of restaurants and shopping, including the extensive Grand Plaza Shopping Centre that contains many popular retail establishments.
Scheduling Chiropractic Care
If you are suffering from pain or limitations in your range of motion, call Dr. Theo Blote today for a chiropractic assessment. The doctor will examine your injury or the area of your spine that is causing your discomfort and formulate a plan for your ongoing care.


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Anxiety 0
Arthritis 0
Back Pain 0
Blurred Vision 0
Carpel Tunnel 0
Chest Pain 0
Children - Allergies 0
Children - Asthma 0
Children - Balance issues 0
Children - Bed Wetting 0
Children - Breast Feeling Issues 0
Children - Colds 0
Children - Colic 0
Children - Digestive Issues 0
Children - Ear Aches 0
Children - General Illness 0
Constipation 0
Corrective Exercises 0
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Dizziness 0
Energy Loss 0
Fatigue 0
Headaches 0
Herniated Disc 0
Hip Pain 0
Lower Back Pain 0
Mid Back Pain 0
Migraines 0
Neck Pain 0
Neck Stiffness 0
Numbing in Arms 0
Numbing in Legs 0
Nutritional Advice 0
Pain Relief 0
Painful Shoulders 0
Pinched Nerve 0
Poor Posture 0
Posture Check 0
Pregnancy Care 0
Rib Pain 0
Ringing in Ears 0
Sciatica 0
Sinus Problems 0
Sleeping Problems 0
Sore Muscles 0
Spinal Check 0
Spondylolisthesis 0
Sports Injury 0
Subluxation 0
Tense Shoulders 0
Tingling in Arms 0
Tingling in Legs 0
Upper Back Pain 0
Weight Trouble 0
Whiplash 0

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