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Local Business iSmile Studio Dental in Balwyn VIC

iSmile Studio Dental

Balwyn, Victoria 3103
(03) 8376 9355

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Company Name iSmile Studio Dental
Company Logo iSmile Studio Dental Company Logo by iSmile Studio Dental in Balwyn VIC
Balwyn, VIC 3103
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About iSmile Studio Dental

Dentist in Balwyn

There was a time when specialist dental care was hard to come by, and travelling for miles to have your teeth taken care of in an expert and professional way was not only necessary, but commonplace. Times have changed and today residents of Bawlyn, Victoria can have their dental needs met by qualified professionals in their area. Whether it's time for your annual check up or you are in need of some major dental work, our practice will be able to cater for all your needs.
We offer our services to people from all over the City of Boroondara including Ashburton, Camberwell and Hawthorn. The City of Boroondara itself lies within the suburbs of Melbourne, making it right on the doorstep of over 4 million people. Just half an hour from the centre of Melbourne, our practice is in the ideal place for you to grab a bite to eat before your appointment, and is situated in prime golfing territory for those of us who want to play a few holes to take our minds off the appointment. With such a wealth of entertainment in and around Balwyn, going to the dentist needn't be a chore any longer!
This suburb originated as a 5120 acre area of land purchased by Henry Elgar in 1841 under the Special Survey (a policy allowing the purchase of land in 5120 acre, or eight square mile blocks for £1 per acre; a value significantly below the land value at the time). Balwyn derives its name from the name of the house built by Andrew Murray's (editor of the now out of print Argus newspaper during the 1850s), overlooking Canterbury Gardens. The name 'Balwyn' means 'the home of the vine', and is derived from a combination of the Gaelic word 'bal', and the Saxon word 'wyn'. Balwyn's town centre grew form humble beginnings at the intersection of Balwyn Road and Whitehorse Road. This early centre boasted a few small shops, as well as a blacksmith and a mechanic's society.
Balwyn's development was most rapid during the boom experienced by the country after World War II, allowing it to gradually build a reputation as a well to do suburb. Without the restrictions on the demolition of older style houses in favour of larger new ones experienced by several suburbs in this area, Balwyn's wealthier residents are able to custom build houses to their taste and specifications. This recent modernisation of Balwyn has allowed its dental practices to flourish, making it a prominent focus for dental services in the area.

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